Welcome to the ADHD Nerds Teaser Episode

Episode 0

April 4, 2022

Welcome to the teaser episode of the ADHD Nerds podcast.


Jesse: Hey, welcome to the ADHD nerds podcast. I'm your host, Jesse J. Anderson. And with this show, I'll be interviewing guests with ADHD. This will be experts, artists, writers, podcasters, actors, all over the map.

Jesse: We're going to be learning from their different stories and how ADHD may have helped them and what struggles they've had to overcome.

Jesse: We're also gonna talk about what shiny objects they've been excited about lately. People with ADHD love to collect hobbies, so there'll be plenty of stuff to nerd out about.

Jesse: Episodes will be about 30 minutes long, which will be even shorter if you listen to them at close to double speed, like I do.

Jesse: Please subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your podcast player of choice. You can find links to all of these at adhdnerds.com, where we'll have show notes with full transcripts, and there will also be a way to send your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for the show.

Jesse: Stay focused friends. I'll see you soon.