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ADHD Nerds is the podcast for Adults with ADHD to learn more about their unique brain through the stories of others. Learn tips and strategies for managing or hacking your ADHD brain and have some fun along the way.

This podcast is a great place to learn more about Adult ADHD, whether you're officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed, stuck on a waiting list, or just want to know more about how your loved one's brain works.

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Building Tiny Habits with ADHD

Sharon Pope: Building Tiny Habits with ADHD

This is episode 12, and today I'm talking with Sharon Pope. Sharon is the co-founder and CEO of Shelpful, the instant accountability service that pairs you with a real human buddy to help you build good habits. She's also a certified habit coach and was previously a startup advisor at Y Combinator. Today, we talk about how she started a company to solve her own problem and how that contributed to her own ADHD diagnosis story.


September 20, 2022

Battling Career Boredom and Being A Mom With ADHD

Monica Lim: Battling Career Boredom and Being A Mom With ADHD

This is episode 11, and today I'm talking with my friend, Monica Lim. Monica is a project manager and creator based in Seoul who currently leads business development in Korea for LottieFiles, a community platform for creating motion graphics. Among other things, she's also worked as a career and English coach, helping professionals improve their communication skills and accelerate their careers.


September 8, 2022

My ADHD Diagnosis Story

Jesse J. Anderson: My ADHD Diagnosis Story

This is episode 10 and today we're doing something a little bit different. To celebrate episode 10, and because I don't have time to, uh, interview anyone right now because I'm doing my course. I'm actually going to do a solo episode today.


August 23, 2022

ADHD Productivity, DevRel, and Tetris

Jay Miller: ADHD Productivity, DevRel, and Tetris

This is episode nine, and today I'm talking with Jay Miller. Jay is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, and as an advocate, Jay has appeared on numerous podcasts, video channels, and presenting to developers all over the globe. Recently at folks in Nigeria, entrepreneurs at South By Southwest, and developers worldwide at Python's largest conference, pyCon.


August 9, 2022

ADHD and the Minimum Level of Chaos

Karaminder Ghuman: ADHD and the Minimum Level of Chaos

This is episode eight. Today I'm meeting with Karaminder, who is a course creator, entrepreneur, and sort of a modern day philosopher. In this episode, we talk about some of his theories on how the human brain works and what his experience has been like with ADHD.


July 26, 2022

ADHD Content Creation and Making Scientific Info Accessible To All

Deniz Perry: ADHD Content Creation and Making Scientific Info Accessible To All

This is episode seven, and today I'm talking with Deniz Perry, an ADHD creative who focuses on delivering authentic info in a fun format for other ADHDers. As a biochemical engineer who spent her whole life working in biotech, her passion is to make scientific info accessible to fellow ADHDers, support neurodiversity awareness, and explore her own late diagnosis.


July 12, 2022

Getting Things Done with ADHD

Scotty Jackson: Getting Things Done with ADHD

This is episode six. Today, I'm talking with Scotty Jackson. Scotty is a self-described productivityist, a digital communications manager, and cohost of the Nested Folders podcast. Nested Folders is a podcast all about productivity and the good and bad of getting things done.


June 28, 2022

ADHD Time Management and Software Development

Marie Ng: ADHD Time Management and Software Development

This is episode five. And today I'm talking with Marie Ng. Marie is the founder of Llama Life, a desktop productivity app, which helps you work through your to-do list, not just making never-ending ones. When she couldn't find a tool that worked with her brain, she decided to teach herself to code by watching YouTube videos and Llama Life is the result.


June 14, 2022

About the Host

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Creative

Jesse J. Anderson is a writer, designer, developer, and maker of things. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 36 and has made it his mission to help others better understand what ADHD really is. Now Jesse has a weekly newsletter called Extra Focus, hosts the ADHD Nerds podcast, and is writing his first book, Refocus: A Practical Guide to Adult ADHD.


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I’m in my early 30s and finally got officially diagnosed with adhd and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to hear people talk about adhd in such a relatable positive way! I never knew there were so many people who are so like me. Thank you thank you for this podcast.

Keep the episodes coming!

I love this pod! Looking forward to more guests. After getting fired from my dream job I finally accepted that the 9-5 world is not for me. I’m now thriving as a photographer and even filmed a documentary. Still learning how to manage a business and manage my symptoms though. The latest episode convinced me to hire an accountant as soon as possible. Thank you for doing this! —Enyo (IG: enyo_snapped)

This is amazing

I recently was diagnosed with ADHD, and listening to other peoples experiences has been life changing. For years I was frustrated with my in ability to motivate myself and in a constant cycle of anxiety and depression. Listening to other people who have been in the exact same place and seeing their success gives me hope for my continued success grappling with my diagnosis and the way I interface with the world. Really thankful for the show! I have found myself near tears finally feeling that I am not the only person struggling with this.

Great discussions on ADHD

Jesse does an amazing job with this podcast. The interviews are only 30 minutes which makes them easy to consume. The content is on point and useful. I love hearing other people’s stories about how ADHD affects them and how they cope.

More, please!

Really well done, so relatable, very helpful and informative. I also love the efficiency (you got right into it), and the entertaining, warm, sincere discussions about how ADHD brains can work, with the overall understanding that neurodiversity presents in different ways from person to person, and that that’s perfectly fine. Thank you! Looking forward to more!

Feel Belonging!

I normally avoid hanging with others like me because it scares me—‘oh no, am I really like that? Is that traumatic thing going to happen to me?’ But I’ve followed Jesse since his Second Brain Summit interview. I look forward to his delightful loving approach in the new Podcast—first episode with Stephen made me feel like I belong!

Be still my ADHD heart

I found Jesse on twitter handing down some really great ADHD advice and interacting with his followers and this podcast is an extension of that. A lot of great info, commiseration, and acceptance for the neurologically divergent. Plus, there short episodes that keep my attention!

Informal and informative

I felt like I was in the room with the two during the conversation.